Version 2

    Hi All,


    I wanted to utilise a map server (like googlemaps) to display nodes that were in a down status, and also to be able to click the icon displayed within the map to show some device attributes (as well as the normal map zoom type functions).

    A number of people have shown us Googlemaps integrations to do this, but I had a couple of issues that I wanted to overcome.

    • Must be self contained (i.e. map server needed to reside on a network without external network connectivity)
    • Must have no licence implications (i.e. low cost).
    • Must not interfere with normal SolarWinds operation
    • Must require minimal SolarWinds modification (single custom proptery field was the only modification required)


    To meet these aims, I decided to build a solution around Openstreetmaps.

    The attached document attempts to explain the build, with enough detail that most people should be able to replicate our implementation.


    I don't claim it's the best (or even the most effective), but it did meet our stated aims - and seems to work very well for us.

    The install looks complex, but it's actually not that bad.


    Hope some of you find it useful - if even to show what can be done as a starting point.