Version 2

    I created a Firefox search engine 'plugin' for SolarWinds. You can search your SolarWinds nodes (by description) from the search box or address bar, just like you search with your favorite search engine.


    1. Open this XML file and put your SolarWinds server name on line 6 - what you normally see in the address bar when you open SolarWinds.
    2. Drop this XML file in: application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\**your profile**\searchplugins
    3. Restart Firefox, and you should be able to add "SolarWinds" as a search engine if you click the icon on the left side of the search box.
      1. Assign a keyword (like "sw") so that you can search even faster!


    If someone wanted to, they could modify this file to search interfaces, or other node properties...


    I'm using Firefox 10.0.2