Version 1
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    Run an executable, batch or CMD script, converting STDOUT and ERRORLEVEL to VBS Statistic and ReturnLevel values.

    Usage Instructions: Edit the Script Arguments to include the path and name of your executable, along with any command-line arguments. All additional parameters will be passed to the executable. Note: If your executable path contains spaces, enclose the path and executable with double-quotes.

    For example, for myprogram.exe in the C:\Program Files(86)\Runtime folder with arguments '-v' and '-tail 20' would look like this:

       "C:\Program Files(86)\Runtime\myprogram.exe" -v -tail 20

    After assigning this template to a node, initialize the statistic output by clicking the _Get script output_ button, then adjust your monitoring thresholds as-needed.

    VBS script written for SolarWinds implementation by Stuart Cianos. Integrated, tested and documented for SolarWinds by Kristina Sterling Engan.