Version 3

    I've been working on a NOC view that dynamically updates using AJAX.

    This is still very rough, and is limited to only two resources (Node status lists and Active Alerts).

    I'm posting this here in an effort to try to both get help on its development and to provide an example of the Feature Request: A "real" NOC style view.

    Please feel free to use this, work from it, add to it, whatever... I only ask that if you do add or advance the project you post back here so that we all can benifit.


    Update 5/11/2012:


    I've been working on trying to integrate my NOC View into Orion itself, the previously posted file only provided a standalone web application.


    I have the view started, still working on trying to override some of the inherited code specifically around the individual resources. I may have to create a whole new set of dynamic resources to use with the NOC View.


    Anyway... so here's what I have so far, I am still trying to get the new NOC View to show up in the list of available view types (


    To install, just extract the files into your \Solarwinds\Orion\ web content directory. Right now, you'll need to rename/delete the NetOpCenter.config file, otherwise you'll get the ASP.NET error I'm still trying to figure out...