Version 1

    This is a very helpful report that was created by David Byrd at Solarwinds with my input to help track issues with alerts being sent out.

    This report shows all of the alerts that have been fired off in the last 24 hour period from the time you run the report. It is detailed so that you can see the date and time the alert was triggered, what the name of the alert was that was triggered, what the object name was of the object that triggered the alert, the type of action taken by the triggered alert, and the Sucess or Failure of the alert action.

    It is very handy to isolate problems with a triggering alert not being able to connect to the SMTP server for example or being able to write to the NPM Event Log. In our case we were able to isolate that the reason some Email alerts were not arriving was because of a connectivity issue connecting to the SMTP server.

    Beyond this the report is handy to quickly see all of the alerts sent in the last 24 hours.