Version 1

    Xmppalert.exe is a command line XMPP (aka Jabber) client to allow for the sending of XMPP messages to individuals or chat rooms.  Xmppalert.exe requires an environment variable (ORIONSCRIPTPATH) be defined on the server that it runs on.  This environment variable defines the directory where the .ini file resides that holds configuration parameters for the client such as username and password used by the client to log into the jabber server, as well as the jabber server and port that should be logged into.  The .ini file must be called xmppalert.ini.  It's format follows:

    username = <username>
    jserver = <fully qualified server name>
    port = <tcp port>
    password = <password>

    An example xmppalert.ini would look something like this:

    username = NPMAlert
    jserver =
    port = 5222
    password =Somepassword

    I keep the xmppalert.exe and xmppalert.ini files in the same directory and I typically set my ORIONSCRIPTPATH to be something like C:\Custom_Scripts.

    In order to send a message to an individual you would execute the following:

    xmppalert.exe -m "This is the message"

    If you wanted to send to more than one person it would look like this:

    xmppalert.exe -m "This is the message"

    Also, if you wanted to send to a group chat room instead of an individual then you'd do this:

    xmppalert.exe -m "This is the message" -c

    This program is actually written in Perl and compiled for Windows, but it is self-contained so that you do not need to have Perl on your system for it to function.  There's no warranty or guarantee with the program, but I hope people find it useful.  Until NPM has built in XMPP support, this should do the trick.