Java Application Server monitoring via SNMP

Version 1

    This file is a zip that contains a template for monitoring Java Application Servers (JVM Servers) monitoring via SNMP with APM.  This template has been  generated by Solarwinds  staff that have expertise in systems administration and monitoring Java Applications Servers. 

    This template  includes components for things you should monitor versus things you couldmonitor.  The zip includes a .pdf with detailed information about each  monitored component and recommendations for specific counters where possible.

    The .pdf document also provides basic SNMP configuration information for the following Java Application Servers:

    • Standalone Java Virtual Machine
    • Apache Tomcat (tested on version 7.0)
    • JBoss (tested on versions 5.0.1, 5.1, and 6.0)
    • GlassFish (tested on version 3.1)
    • IBM WebSphere (tested on version 3.1)
    • Oracle WebLogic (tested on version