Version 1

    Custom poller for the following devices;

    Wireless Ethernet Links
    Models: GE60, GE60X, FE60, FE60X
    AR60, AR60X, GE80, AR80


    Was tested for FE60U model but other devices should be similar.

    The below mib's are present in the system.Also one gauge is added to indicate the temperature and a chart for the received signal power in dB.

    BridgeWave Enterprise MIB Objects
    brwaveUnitSn Units serial number
    brwaveUnitModel Unit Model Number
    brwaveTrapCount Traps generated by a given unit
    brwaveRadioTxBand Radio’s transmitting frequency band
    brwaveRadioFactoryRate Radio’s operating data rate
    brwaveRadioInVoltage Radio’s Input voltage
    brwaveRadioUnitTemperature Radio’s internal unit temperature
    brRadioTxTemperature Radio’s transmitter temperature
    brwaveRadioRSL Receive Signal Level
    brwaveRadioRSLVoltage Corresponding Voltage of RSL