Version 1

    Report for Last Month, Monday through Friday, hours from 9-5 giving utilization (MAX,AVG,AVG%)

    NOTE:  you will want to tweak the custom SQL.  I have a where clauses that selects specific NodeIDs for my environment.  you probably want to tweak that for your enviornment.

    an example might be to remove my section:
        n.NodeID in (89,93,94,96,98) OR              --Frame and BU
        n.NodeID in (106,111,112,460,725,726) OR    --tunnels 
        n.NodeID in (102,103,113,115)                --nullmodem
        i.InterfaceName NOT LIKE '%Ethernet%' AND
        i.InterfaceName NOT LIKE 'Loop%' AND
        i.InterfaceName NOT LIKE 'Serial%.16'
    and replace it with something that makes sense for you:
        n.MachineType like 'Cisco [1-7]%'

    This would "theoretically" give you all cisco routers where the machine type starts with "Cisco "<followed by router number>  i.e. Cisco 28xx, Cisco 39xx, Cisco 72xx, etc...

    use this to test if you want.

    select distinct(machinetype) from Nodes where MachineType like 'Cisco [1-7]%'