Version 1

    Multiple SolarWinds Virtualization Manager customers requested an  informational alert to see datastores that may be overloaded  with too many VMs.  This alert highlights datastores that have more than 20 VMs using them.  The threshold of 20 VMs is a best guess and should be configured for your environment. 

    The best indicator of an overloaded datastore is rising and/or high read or write latency.  The Storage Dashboard which ships by default in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager gives a Top N view of datastores stack ranked by latency.  But the attached alert could give you some information to determine why latency is high and it is also useful to help balance VMs across datastores.

    Here are details of the alert.

    We have exported the alert so you may download it and "Import Content" in the Content section of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (Hyper9).  But if you want to configure it yourself, here are the low level details: