Version 1

    This is an Android app I developed to organize network operations into a simple user interface that integrates with Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor. Everything works, but I've limited it to 5 shortcut buttons and 3 phone buttons to make it easier to try out.


    Domain/Orion authentication

    if you do not configure these settings reauthentication may be requried per browser session.

    Option to use mobile views globally

    Not completely ready. Some views do not have mobile views yet. Postpending your URL with ?ismobileview=true will work. eg netperfmon/alerts.aspx?ismobileview=true

    Option to use SSL

    You will want to enable this if you are using Domain or Orion authentication because your username and password will be exposed in the http request if you do not.

    Phone Buttons

    Use the keyword 'phone' as the url for one of your buttons and it will become the shortcut to your push to call contacts.

     External URL

    You can assign an external URLs to your buttons by prepending your URL with http or https.

    This release has 5 configurable buttons to use with URLs for Orion or external sites. 3 buttons are configurable for push to call contacts.


    For Orion URLs you are only required to provide what comes after Orion/





    For external sites simply prepend your url with http or https.


    If you want to use a button as your default view to take you to the default site or "Home" you just put the same information you provided for the Orion Web Console under settings.

    If my Orion Web Console is, then I would assign the button