Dell EqualLogic SAN

Version 1

    UPDATED 13 JAN 2012:
    Modified to remove the paging prompts - thanks kristina!

    This is a very simple script that will download a Dell EqualLogic SAN configuration only; other options may be added in the future, however this template is designed to only download at this time. I have not previously found a Device Template for EqualLogic, thus this simple version for backing up a configuration.

    This script uses the 'save-config -verbose' command, which will save the current configuration to a file on the EqualLogic SAN (save-config), but also displays the configuration on the screen ( -verbose). The 'More' NCM option is also used, as paging does not seem to work otherwise. I am using 'N' as the 'More' option, but any key other than Q (quits the output) and ${CRLF} (return/line feed - scrolls one line at a time, and times out the download) seem to work.

    USE AT YOUR OWN CAUTION - no warranty or guarantee! This has been tested on EqualLogic PS5500 (firmware v4.1.4) and PS4000 (firmware v4.3.0) SAN arrays so far. I will be testing on PS400 (firmware v 5.0.4) soon.

    Suggestions are welcome!

    Script contents:
    <!--SolarWinds Network Management Tools-->
    <!--Copyright ...  All rights reserved-->
    <!-- 1-13-2012: modified to remove paging prompts - thanks kristina!-->
    <Configuration-Management Device="EqualLogic SAN Devices" SystemOID="">
       <Command Name="ALLOCATEPTY" Value="True" />
       <Command Name="MENUBASED" Value="False" />
       <Command Name="RESET" Value="cli-settings paging off${CRLF}cli-settings formatoutput off${CRLF}" />
       <Command Name="Startup" Value="-verbose" />
       <Command Name="Running" Value="-verbose" />
       <Command Name="DOWNLOADCONFIG" Value="save-config ${ConfigType}${CRLF}" />