Version 2

    I designed this Report to better help you determine what Values were  being returned Currently, and what you will need to enter into the Advanced Alert to ensure that what you set in the Alert will Trigger correctly. UnDPs not enabled will not be displayed in the Report.

    Note: This is designed for the legacy Report Writer. The report will need to go into the Install Directory/Reports folder, and to modify the report, only the Report Writer can be used.


    You will need to have the Following setup in the Alert Trigger Conditions:


    Trigger when all of the Following Apply
       Poller name is equal to PollerName
       RowID is equal to Row_ID (this will only be used if multiple values are returned on the same UnDP)
       One of the below is equal to *value*
       Total, Rate, Status, Numeric Status

    Note: (Numeric Status will have to be used if a number is returned in the field, this is because in SQL a Status of 2 is higher than 20 in sorting, Numeric Status corrects this SQL Limitation)