Version 1


    The latest release of Orion NPM (10.1) has the new feature of dependencies.  There are no out of the box reports that come with this feature, so as a SolarWinds lab project, I have created this SQL View and report to help satisfy anyone looking to make a report about dependencies.

    **This is considered a SolarWinds Labs item and it not officially supported by SolarWinds. ***

    Steps to make work:

    1. In the zip file is contained a DepedenciesReports.sql file.  This file contains a SQL statement that when properly executed on your Orion NPM database will  create a View that takes the data in the Dependencies table and creates a View of this data that is more easily joined to other Orion tables for Custom SQL Report generation.  Upon execution of this script you should have a new view in your Orion NPM database called "DependenciesReportBase".

    2. Place the Dependencies_Report.OrionReport file in your /Reports folder (typically located at C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports).  Then you should be able to view your dependencies data in Report format.  This report is placed in the SQL group by default, but you can always change that around.

    The report contains basic information like Parent Name, Parent Status, Child Name, Child Status, but with some SQL know how, you can change this to add any other pertinent information.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.