Version 1
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    This gradient file will allow you to create a company logo banner with the Orion banner gradient as a background. This will avoid having a custom logo that clashes with the Orion banner color scheme. Here are the steps required:

    1. Download the orion_blank_banner.png file.
    2. Open the orion_blank_banner.png file in a graphics program that allows layering.
    3. Open a copy of your logo. EPS or transparent PNG files will work best.
    4. Layer your logo on top of the gradient.
    5. Save the layered image as a JPG or GIF to Inetpub\NetPerfMon\images
    6. Apply the layered image through the Orion web console in the admin account (Settings -> Web Console Settings -> Site Logo URL).

    Thanks to John Reese and Annie Welch for this great addition!