Version 1

    I needed the ability to properly monitor XenServers through SNMP. Many of you may have noticed that SNMP data from a XenServer is not exactly accurate...

    I have created some custom agents that are passed from net-snmp to collect the proper server data as opposed to the host domain's data in regards to CPU usage and RAM usage. I am piggy backing on the UCd MIB so that all Orion canned products work like Top XX and builtin charts.

    I have also created an agent that will pull VM data from the XenServer that can be collected via UDnP. All of this uses the standard stuffs already installed on a XenServer host domains install.

    Details are in the ReadMe.txt and all scripts are commented throughout if you are curious what is going on. Also included are the UDnPs needed to collect the VM data. The pollers use a ?bogus? MIB range (I hope) of . But that is easily changed if needed.