Version 1
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    Monitor uses "NTP_Client" Mode to query an NTP server for time, and checks to see if a response is sent back.

    Script should be assigned to any windows server (for example, your Orion server)

    Script Arguments (4 total) should contain, in order:

    • "A vailid IP" -> "123.456.7.890""
    • NTP Server Name"(whatever you want the script to call it in "Message:" -> "NTPSE" 
    • "Temporary file to output perl script to" -> "C:\temp\ 
    • "Temp file to output results of perl script to" -> "C:\temp\ntpmonitor.txt"
    Note: I would recommend that the pause after cmd execution is switched from 5100 milliseconds to a higher value (e.g. 15 secs), since script times out for some reason around 10% of the time (although gives some weird permissions error instead)