Version 1

    IPSLA % uptime report  - pt 1                                                                         

    ***NOTE - you (or DBAs) need to have access to SQL Mgmt Studio and understand SQL

    Above is the first part of this.  This is a [RUDAMENTARY] script that allows you to (in a separate table) add notes about IPSLA outages.  The SQL to create the VoipNotes table and add 2 columns to the VoipOperationResults_Detail table.

    The columns allow you to exempt from calculation rows and put a reason in the DB table for why outage/exemption occurred.

    My example is if an outage occurred because of a customer site outage causing my HSRP not to respond.

    I'll post updates if makes sense as I tweak and integrate into web the notes part of this.

    let me know if you have any questions.