Version 1

    I am using IPSLA to do TCP connect to remote customers HSRP address from a router within our network.
    We use it to calculate uptime availability and have PMPs based on it (so its important to be accurate).

    I have 2 stored procedures that are commented *fairly* well and a report that I'm uploading.

    The SQL procedures create temp tables (need    db       privileges)

    My need was for Instances with '%HSRP%' in the OperationName column, you will probably want to tweak.

    The report also calculates total for all HSRPs and inserts into report.   This is based on OperationInstanceID=67 and OperationName='.AVG OF ALL CUSTOMERS.'  <- the preceding '.' is for alphabetizing and Name so it does not get pulled into Calc stored procedure.

    I will also post another (pt 2) that creates a 'VoipNotes' table and allows for exempting and noting rows to exclude from calculations.  An example would be (in my case) a customer site outage that took both routers offline, but had nothing to do with us.  It is here ->  IPSLA % uptime report - pt 2

    ***Added SQL to add 2 columns to VoipOperationResults_Detail table otherwise storedProcedure will fail.

    Enjoy and feel free to contact me with questions.