Network Performance Monitor (NPM) - Updated May 5, 2017

Version 119



    NPM 12 gives you a deeper insight into your network and visibility into the cloud for faster and easier troubleshooting. Map network paths from origin to service, on premises and in the cloud with a visual hop-by-hop analysis with NetPath. Comprehensively monitor the health, performance, and availability of F5™ Big-IP™ load balancers with Network Insight. Delve into your Cisco switch stacks for switch visibility and health of the data and power rings for easier troubleshooting and advanced alerting. Integrate with ServiceNow for low-noise, fast and reliable bi-directional alert management. And much more!

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    SolarWinds product Upgrade Advisor is now available
    Since there is a high degree of interoperability between SolarWinds Orion Platform products, your upgrades may need to follow a prescribed sequence.  The Upgrade Guide will help you build a unique upgrade process specific to your Orion Platform installations.  Learn More