Version 1

    Tested with Sarian HR4110 only but should work for other devices.

    PLEASE NOTE: There a limits to what you can do. The biggest problem I found was that if you change the prompt to something meaninful within the configuration, when it downloads the config, it gets to the line within the config where the prompt is specified and then stops because it thinks you are back at the prompt. It misses out capturing all of the username information.

    A colleague did mention that there is a different way of showing the configuration using "type config.da0" at the command prompt. Not tried this yet, but I think it will probably suffer from the same thing.

    I've spoken with Sarian and there is apparently no way to add a # or other symbol at the end of the prompt to indicate the command line.

    I have had some success with devices where a prompt is not specified in the configuration. The default prompt is usually something like "s13392>" which is not contained within the configuration and therefore doesn't stop the configuration from downloading fully. The problem with this is that you don't get a meaningful prompt.

    If Orion NCM supports FTP at some point in the fututre, then you should be able to FTP the configurations from the box.