Version 1


    Use a field matching a certain value to remanage a node or a set of nodes. Run it from a command prompt or within an Advanced Alert.


    Make the following changes to the connection string in the script:

    • data source (currently set to "SQLServer"
    • database name (currently set to "NetPerfMon")
    • user name (currently set to "sa")
    • user password (currently set to "TOPSECRET")


    1. FieldName - the name of the field to use. Can be used with or without quotes
    2. FieldValue - the value of the field. Numeric values can be used with or without quotes. Text values must have single quotes nested within double quotes (ex. "'Hello World!'")


    1. Remanage all Nodes with a CustomerName of "John Doe". Script is saved on C: drive.


    2. Remanage a Node when an Alert has fired. "Execute an external VB Script" has been added as a trigger action for the Alert. VB Script Interpreter has been set to WScript.exe. Script is saved under C:\Scripts on server. The script takes the parameters NodeID and its value ${NodeID}.




    Please let me know if you spot any problems with the script, or if there is anything left out of the description. There is also a UnManageNode.vbs script available at UnManage a Node with VBScript.