Version 1


    Use a field matching a certain value to remanage a node or a set of nodes. Optionally set the start time and end time. Run it from a command prompt or within an Advanced Alert.


    Make the following changes to the connection string in the script:

    • data source (currently set to "SQLServer"
    • database name (currently set to "NetPerfMon")
    • user name (currently set to "sa")
    • user password (currently set to "TOPSECRET")


    1. FieldName - the name of the field to use. Can be used with or without quotes
    2. FieldValue - the value of the field. Numeric values can be used with or without quotes. Text values must have single quotes nested within double quotes (ex. "'Hello World!'")
    3. (Optional) UnmanageFrom - start date/time to begin
    4. (Optional) UnmanageUntil - start date/time to end


    1. Unmanage all Nodes with a CustomerName of "John Doe", starting at 3/31/2010 12:00:00 AM. Script is saved on C: drive.

    2. Unmanage a Node when an Alert has fired. "Execute an external VB Script" has been added as a trigger action for the Alert. VB Script Interpreter has been set to WScript.exe. Script is saved under C:\Scripts on server. The script takes the parameters NodeID and its value ${NodeID}.



    Please let me know if you spot any problems with the script, or if there is anything left out of the description. There is also a ReManageNode.vbs script available at ReManage a Node with VBScript.