Version 1

    This Universal Device Poller collects relevant software and hardware information from a Check Point UTM-1 Appliance. Most of these Universal Device Pollers will work with any Check Point hardware, including open appliances and Nokia IPSO devices but this collection has been verified working with UTM-1070 appliances. 

    Information collected in this UnDP Collection

    Number of Active Site-to-Site VPNs
    Firewall-1 Software Version
    Check Point CPU Utilization
    Operating System Name
    Active Firewall Policy Name
    Firewall Policy Installation Date/Time
    ClusterXL state (Active/Standby/etc)
    Number of Active Firewall Connections
    Number of connected SecureClient users
    Number of Licensed SecureClient Connections
    Motherboard  Temperture Fahrenheit/Celsius
    CPU Temperture Fahrenheit/Celsius
    CPU Fan Speed
    Chassis Fan Speed