Version 1

    Eventlog to Syslog v4.1

    Release 4.1

    Last revised January 20, 2010

    This program is written in C and provides a method of sending Windows Eventlog events to a syslog server. It works with the new Windows Events service found in Vista and Server 2008 and can be compiled for both 32 and 64-bit environments. Both compiled binaries are here for download.  Designed to keep up with very busy servers, it is fast, light, and efficient. The program is designed to run as a windows service.

    Changes in v4.0:

    § Added ability to ignore specific events

    § Added a status file for monitoring service operation

    § Added event’s timestamp to outgoing messages

    § Added compatibility with the Vista/Server 2008 Windows Events service

    § Added ability to send to two Syslog servers simultaneously

    § Fixed a possible memory exception with bad message definitions

    § Fixed a bug where utility would not search all message files

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