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over 3 years ago

What Inspired You To Get Into The IT Field?

Do you remember what made you say "I want to work with computer systems for the rest of my life?" I'd like to hear the stories of your first years in IT, and how SolarWinds' products would have helped back then. What was your moment?

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  • When I was a lot younger than I am now, I took a lot of computer courses over the summers.  I was making the aliens from the space invaders game move across the screen and drop down a level.  I was painting the Italian Flag with my initials on it, I was trying to do "Another Brick in the Wall Pt2"  via MIDI in the 80's.

    So when I graduated HS, what did I do?  I majored and graduated with a degree in business and organizational communications.  Of course I couldn't find a job to save my life so I hopped back into computers. 

    I guess I should have listened to the 5th grade version of myself a bit more when I wrote a paper that I wanted to work with computers when I grew up.  My parents were nice enough to save that for me, and presented it to me when I started working in IT.

  • I started out taking Microsoft Office classes then went on to take AutoCad classes and then onto light VB programming then I thought lets see how I make out in Network Systems Administration and here I am. I was a basic Receptionist turned into Engineering Manager using Cad and then onto Network Admin.