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over 3 years ago

Stacey Loves ME???

Remember the I Love You virus?

We had a system admin that was very helpful, friendly and quite beautiful. Everyone knew who Stacey was and in the organization, there were a lot of younger men. Just the mention of Stacey would cause pause with many of them.

So, imagine the scene. A user receives a "suspect" email and forwards it to Stacey for investigation - she, of course, opens it to see what it's about. If you remember the way that particular virus worked it would immediately forward itself to EVERYONE on the global address list - 2500 emails immediately went out to workers across the state declaring Stacey's love for them. As you can imagine many, many of those emails were opened - immediately I might add - which of course forwarded itself to the entire GAL, each and every one of them. It took less than 5 minutes from the initial email to a full crash of the exchange server to the severe disappointment of management that couldn't send our assignments and hundreds of young men to find that Stacey wasn't in love with them.