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over 1 year ago

Fake News Award

Everyone that visits the SolarWind or Thwack sites know that what we see on these sites is real and Not Fake News. My best guess is that if it comes from the Thwacksters that visit the sites, you know you are going to be told the right thing. Fake News on SolarWind or Thwack, Hmm I think not, as professionals who see things through a different window, we all take pride in what we do and find there is no need to distribute Fake News at least not here.

  • I'm thinking anyone that has time to bother making fake posts on Thwack should immediately lose their IT card. I've never worked in an environment where I had the luxury of enough time to mess with others. I stay so busy with the work that needs to be done.

  • I'm not aware of anyone being removed from Thwack for inappropriate contributions, but I can imagine it may have happened.  My thanks go to the Thwack admins who pay attention and delete poor content and remove inappropriate contributors--if that's ever happened.