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Here is my one - rotates between WAN (with interface utilisation) and Service Status (with configurable notes)


  • Great looking NOC view! How are you drawing the interface utilization on the map?

  • Thank you for your comment and question.

    To create a dynamic interface utilisation on the map - do the following:

    1. Add label (works with interface, as well as with line connecting interfaces)

    2. Paste the following into label > save

    ${Inbps} (${InPercentUtil})

    ${Outbps} (${OutPercentUtil})

    *** In Network Atlas you will still see variables on the map, but when you open map in browser - you will get the above result



  • Virtual high-five! Thank you Alex.

    Have a great day!

    Jordan P.

  • That looks great! I like the Dashboard Notes feature!

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    Are the colors static or did you manage to get them to change based on utilization? I know the new NPM/Network Atlas can do it, but having issues with virtual port channels showing as not connected.

  • Connection lines between interface will change to red when interface is down. With regards to utilisation - I am not there yet. I think this is new feature in latest release - I am yet to explore it

  • Nice one! May I ask, how did you achieve the dashboard notes on the Service Status map?

  • Thank you for the question - that was a creative one. My main goal was to make it extremely easy for Service Desk to share key critical messages with only few clicks, so, here is what I did:

    1. Add new node with IP and make it EXTERNAL, call it "Dashboard Notes"

    2. Create new view (settings > add new view), call it "Dashboard Notes View". Type of view should be set to 'Node Details'

    3. Now, interesting part - there is no way you can assign specific view to specific object, hence my vote up for an idea request here:

    --- workaround: you can only assign view based on "Machine Type" (aka "Vendor") name. So, let's go and changeMachine Type for this node directly in SQL. Because node is set to EXTERNAL it will never be polled nor will ever be rediscovered and therefore our customized vendor will stick there. Call it "Dashboard Notes"



    --- once done - go to SETTINGS > VIEWS BY DEVICE and assign "Dashboard Notes" view to "Dashboard Notes" machine type

    4. Now go to your node and configure your view the way you want it. I have removed everything and added three "Edit Custom Node Property" resources, which are linked to 3 different text-based custom properties (use any, regardless of the real purpose)

    5. The last step is to add this on the map. Once object is on the map - right-click > ADD LABEL

    That's how I see it in Orion Network Atlas:


    This is the result on Service Desk screen:


    This is what Service Desk support get's when they click on the icon of a man - they can update any message pretty much with one click


  • Alex, that's excellent! Thanks very much for sharing.

  • Thank you for sharing!