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Day 14: Rest

Rest: cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength. ; an instance or period of relaxing or ceasing to engage in strenuous or stressful activity.

I have always been protective of my weekends.   I like many worked in food service and many other service jobs where the weekend was where you worked your long shifts so that you had time for school and other activities during the week.  College was a prime example of this.  O would create my semester schedule and turn it in to my boss, and she or he would create a shift around it.  Once I was able to graduate and gain some what I consider normalcy, I looked very forward to my weekends for my days of rest.   What I didn't realize is once you are married, those days become the "honey-do days".  I often times between the honey-do lists, service for church and Church on Sunday, have little down time.  As we all know in IT PC's love to also interfere with your rest and weekend activities.

Solarwinds has been able to give me back my weekends for the most part.  I do still have to have the team work on the weekend and I am right there with them, but it is greatly reduced.   Its so important in our field even as much as we love what we do, to love not doing it all the same.  To be able to enjoy a good hunting trip Radioteacher​ or enjoy so much needed time with the family, or enjoy a great and sometimes bad movie.  We need ti take time to rest with friends and family, and also take a day occasionally for yourself.

I will sometime unwind to a movie in the evenings mostly because I hate commercials.   I relax and unwind from the day once everyone else goes to bed and the house is quiet.  Yes it makes for short nights and early mornings, but then again, I have that weekend for sleeping in, I usually make it to 7 or even 8 one a really late Saturday morning. 

Remember to step away from the keyboards, monitors, and even Thwack for a day now and then, recharge, renew, and refresh.   Rest your wear souls...   Let the red eyes turn white again and let your minds be clear.   We have another year ahead of us and we will need all the brain power we can get.   Now someone explain to my wife, I am not lazy on Saturday, I am like my laptop, if I don't recharge the battery, its going to shut down and she'll want to buy a new one....