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Day 13: Remember

To remember our past, our heritage is important.  By this we understand not only where we come from but where we might be going.   I actively part in genealogy work for my family so that I can help pass along the knowledge to future generations.   It has been a lot of fun working with family learning the stories, remembering old times, good times, and some not so good.

I remember growing up playing baseball.  It was just part of our DNA in the Midwest.  I can remember the awful pictures in the polyester uniforms before I was out of that awkward stage.   I remember the fun I had playing with those guys, through the years, even throughout high school.  I can remember how nice it felt to be part of that team, part of something special, even when we didn’t win every game or every tournament. 

I remember my wedding day, and the joy I felt getting to take my gal by the hand and say the “I DO’s” for the legality of it, and say the “I love you” for the reason for it. 

I remember my first job in IT and how I felt so alone.  Right out of college, not really knowing what I was going to do and realizing I really was not qualified.  See I didn’t study computer science, I was an engineering major, and I did specialize in robotics for manufacturing, and wrote some database applications.  I remember the day in 1996 when I started the path to what I know look back on as my career in IT thus far. 

I remember many sleepless weekends, crashes, site implementations.  I remember once spending an entire weekend rewiring our Montana facility, installing a whole new phone system, and just at 5:30 AM when people first started coming in for the morning shifts, we had a thunder show, and yes those exist.   Lightning struck the transformer right by our facility and we were in a complete black out on our side of the industrial park.   Of course as the morning went on people gave us all endless teasing for the power being off and it was our way to delay what was a non-working system they said, although when the power was restored in the late morning, all was well. As we turned the UPS’s back on and brought up the equipment I remember that wink to the team knowing we won.   We silently went to work for a few more hours making sure there were no issues, then left a few hours early to get some needed sleep.   The sleep came second as the team and I first stopped off and McKenzie River Pizza there in Belgrade Montana for a meal and beverage. 

Oh I have had my share of loss too, professional, personal, and any other kind you can think of.  But I don’t dwell there.   I choose to remember my highs, learn from my lows, and live each day better than the day before.   I wish it was that easy though.   If I ever do get it figured out I will let you know, but for now, just remember I am trying.  

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