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Our little slice of NOC world

So we have 4 TV's set up above our network and Server teams .. 1 TV dedicated to some security sites and our Security Dashboard , A web page dashboard and a TV News / Presentation TV and then our Solarwind's TV with rotating noc views. - including the new ignite DBA tool we are playing with.


Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 3.52.28 PM.png


  • Very nice, you know you can take your weather map and node locations and merge them together. It looks really cool to have the nodes on the map when bad weather is coming through. We often see storms up north where our offices are located. Storm rolls in and the site turns red shortly after. Obviously we verify the outage is truly due to power or weather but the map gives us a little advanced warning. Let me know if you need help setting it, can point you to the info here if you are interested.

  • no I didn't know that - i have been hoping that did it in the next release ... how do you do it if you dont mind

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