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That hardest thing about change, is the real desire to do it.   Once you accept that you want to change, you will.   -JM

  • Day 15: Change:  to make different in some particular.

    Change is the norm.   If we don’t change, we stagnate and die.

    Change can be difficult; but it can also be fun!  How you perceive it may be a matter of your choice, or of your environment and the stress brought on you by that change.

    (I incorrectly created my original entry as a Discussion item.  Oops!)

  • Don't fix what's not broken, and change what is.

  • God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    Reinhold Niebuhr

  • I like trying new things; if that's what is defined as change, then I like change too. emoticons_happy.png

  • I enjoyed an old comedian's comments about being a new father.  "I will NOT change diapers--I don't LIKE surprises." 

    Of course, in this case, change is inevitable.

  • Change is another word that has a variety of meanings, yet they all relate to a difference. A difference in the amount of cash you give and get in return on a transaction. The act of putting on different clothes for a different occasion. Or what you call that set of different clothes you have in the bag for later in the day or evening. The difference in an entity from one state to another or the very act of morphing into that new state. Change is necessary for the our reality to even exist. Physics, specifically thermodynamics, predicts that at some point our universe will reach maximum entropy or stasis. Nothing will happen, there will be no change, things will just be in a very disperse dark fog. So while we can enjoy the fact that change is occurring all around us and gives us life, we have this annoying mental inertia that resists change which is perceived as too big or too fast. For some reason our minds have evolved to notice those kinds of differences as a potential threat and attention must be paid to them. Interesting experiment was done to see why during accidents or similar events people perceived time as going by so slowly. One of the conclusions was that during those dramatic change events your mind stops filtering the sensor inputs. It pays attention to everything because every little thing could be important. It is in the remembering of all that input that our brains perceive it as time having slowed down because under normal circumstances that much input is only recorded over a much longer period. Time did not compress nor did your ability to experience it, the filter just went off during the event so all the changes were registered.


    If only SolarWinds could figure out that a dramatic change was coming or is occurring and ramp up the polling frequency to record more data during the event. Now that would be a change I could embrace!

  • I'd second that idea. 

    Further, how about crafting a script to run during such an event that did the following:

    1. Pinged all component devices involved in the issue
    2. Started an SSH session to any that are part of the problem
    3. Set terminal length to 0
    4. Set logging to an intuitive name and location
    5. Ran the "show tech" command and correctly terminated it and saved the SSH session file
    6. Notified you or your team or the NOC or your Help Desk (or all?)

    Of course, this is what happens automatically on some of the more robust Cisco systems via the Call Home feature.  It collects this data and sends it to Cisco TAC and automatically opens a TAC case on your behalf.  In theory, something could fail over night, the gear would contact Cisco, Cisco would read the diagnostics and send you replacement hardware in four hours.  It would be waiting at your desk when you arrived at work in the morning.  Or, a TAC fix would be in your e-mail.

  • You always have to be able to Change on demand when you are working on IT. If you always stay on one track focused ahead without changing, then you are going to get lost along the way.

  • Change, in the tech industry if you aren't changing then you are falling behind.  This is really a make or break in our industry.  The good part about change; like many things, the more you do it the easier it gets.