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These aren't the OIDs you're looking for.


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  • Unfortunately this is one of the shirts i really like, but i already am running a full installation of NPM :/ Hoping maybe they'll let us sacrifice some thwack points for these, b/c they are seriously legit shirts emoticons_grin.png

  • DanielleH‌, If we already use NPM are we able to just submit a screenshot from our current environment?

  • Terms & Conditions say...

    5. How to Enter:  Entrant must complete one (or more) of the following tasks:

    • Download the free trial of Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and submit a screenshot of active alerts
    • Download the free trial of Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and submit a screenshot of the dashboard of any app being monitored with SAM
    • Download the free trial of Log & Event Manager (LEM) and submit a screen shot of custom Ops Center dashboard
    • Download the free trial of Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) and submit a screenshot of server instance being monitored by DPA

    So, unless they make exceptions, I'd say no emoticons_sad.png  That said, time to spin up some VMs to do some screen shots emoticons_wink.png

  • Download, install on a new VM, screen shot, and submit.. 

  • Note that this says you need to (1) download the free trial and (2) take a screenshot of your active alerts.

    There's nothing that says you need to install the free trial, or that the screenshot needs to be from the trial and not your production system.

  • Although Technically when you go to submit your screenshot it does say

    1. Download and Install the free trial (30-day full version)
    2. Upload a screenshot of your environment below (max 4).  Only one screenshot per product is needed. 

    So i was kinda bummed about that :/

  • Just install a desktop coin slot on your laptop....  ;-)