Unbelievable Brackets Analysis

On the right side:

  • Medusa vs. Werewolf "should be" an easy win for Medusa.  Her eye power should turn any Werewolf to stone at a distance, while any wolf that made it past that solidifying stare could (at worst?) infect Medusa and give her Werewolf powers IN ADDITION to her original powers.  Just look at her parents, versus the power of any werewolf's parents, to predict this one "at a glance."
  • Vampire vs. Kraken:  Again, another easy no-brainer.  A Kraken will shred and eat any vampire.  While a vampire could at best infect a Kraken with a lust for blood and an infinite light span--at the cost of shunning the sun.  Kraken, all the way!
  • Leprechaun versus Dragon?  Insert eye-roll and "Oh Please!"  A Leprechaun has nothing going for it except greed and shallow trickery, while a Dragon has those characteristics in spades, with flying and fire and sheer power to boot.  Dragon, hands down.
  • Banshee vs. Phoenix:  Here's one where a Banshee has more malevolent power than a Phoenix, and should be the clear winner.  However, thanks to Pop Culture and Harry Potter, we may be about to watch an upset.  What tools does a Phoenix have to take out a Banshee?  Nothing besides talons and an ability to (eventually) rise from its own ashes.  This SHOULD be a clear win for Banshee, but I'm not convinced after seeing the previous bracket put Phoenix on top of a superior foe.

On the left side:

  • Thunderbird vs. Yeti:  Ability to throw lightning bolts versus a sheep-stealer?  Oh, come on--show me a REAL battle!  Yeti should be toast after one lightning strike.  But wait!  Jonny Qwest's experience with the Yeti revealed some pretty scary mental capacity and a desire for retribution and justice-seeking by Yeti.  Their cry may be blood-curdling, but can one defeat a Thunderbird?  It shouldn't be able to . . .    Will popular culture outweigh physics and electricity?
  • Nessie vs. Chupacabra.  What's scarier--a fish-eating dinosaur or a man/lizard that sucks goats?  OK, a man/lizard probably will generate more nightmares.  Which would defeat the other in battle?  I'm pretty certain Nessie could out-chomp and crush Chupie.  Loch Ness for the win!
  • Pegasus vs. Griffin?  Here again comes the impact of popular gaming versus Harry Potter.  A flying horse has beauty, but no aggressive power.  Griffins are built for biting & slashing.  It should be horse meat for supper after this round is complete, but will the love of the beauty of a flying horse outweigh the cold logic of a griffin's destructive capabilities?  I hope not!
  • Minotaur vs. Centaur:  The Minotaur seems all raw animal power, minus brains.  Some horns, some grasping/wrestling strength--that's all.  Centaur:  Great mind abilities, super-human strength.  The logic suggests a Centaur would use its cunning to defeat the Minotaur, and as long as it didn't get itself accidentally backed into a corner, the fight might be fierce and long, but the Minotaur has no cunning, and should fall before the intellectual powers of the Centaur.