Hope, how can you summarize the emotions that are packed into this one little word?  I'm going to try and see if I can do this word justice, as it constantly comes back to myself as a spiritual feeling no matter how many times I've written and rewritten this blog.  However, that's just where I keep coming to in conclusion.  I'll keep this blog as best as I can away from spiritual enlightenment as possible.

          Lets look back through history and we can see where hope was all people needed to cross great oceans and terrain to find their place in this world.  It has led soldiers to battles they didn't even understand the full reasons for being in and allowing them to come home after the fight.  This word has helped fuel families praying for healing, food, shelter, clothing, and many essentials to get them through their days.  Some say without hope what do you have in this world that is crumbling at times around us.

          The origin of the word hope as a noun as confidence in the future and the verb represents hope for salvation and mercy.  So I realized why I relate this to spirituality, I obviously was raised by a "doing" type of family!  emoticons_wink.png  Then I noticed that I had confidence in my future because I had hope of salvation and mercy on my sins within this world.  Putting this knowledge altogether, no matter who you are or what religion you believe in, hope allows us to connect with everyone.  We all want to believe things are to be better in bad situations, and we do this on faith that pushes us to believe that hope will come through.


          Many of us, especially around the holidays, cling to the hope that a miracle can happen.  That during the holidays there is something in the air that helps us push through.  We hunker down and hope that we don't go too far into debt and make it out alive after the in-laws leave the house.  Hoping that the spirits we have these holidays are drank with moderation.  emoticons_laugh.png



              Well I hope that I have left you with something to think about at this point.  I tried to keep it low key as I was told previously my word got a little deep on the heaviness for a Saturday morning.  Have a great weekend to everyone and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all!





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