• Hardware Health - Disk & Array missing

    New member here with an issue with Hardware Health items missing. I recently updated several hosts to ESXi 5.0 & 5.1 and all them are no longer showing Disk or Array in hardware health. This is one of the major it...
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  • Anyway to monitor a Windows Share?

    Hi guys,   My server admin asked me today if there's a way to alert on a share on a windows server that goes offline or becomes unreachable.  Is there any functionality in NPM or SAM that can work?  Th...
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  • How are logs normalized?

    Hey guys,   I'm fairly new here and am still learning the swing of LEM.   A big issue I'm having is that I'm not able to find the specific logs I'm looking for because I do not know how LEM organizes them...
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  • Setting up multiple alert tiers

    How would I go about setting up multiple alert tiers? Right now, I have three tiers of disk space alerts set up - Low, very low and critically low. I have low set to 'Alert' Severity, very low set to 'Serious and crit...
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  • Is Alert Central your first SolarWinds product?

    Do you use any other SolarWinds products, or is Alert Central your first?
    nicole pauls
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  • Do you SNMPv3?

    created by dnerdahl
  • How would you use a hacker thwacker to solve security problems?

    If you had a handy-dandy hacker thwacker, what would you use it for? Fighting cyber crime? Changing your password?
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  • How do you labelize or mark your IT equipment?

    What do you use to mark your IT equipment? Is your company even caring about it?   How do keep track of those IT asset? You use an serial asset number or just go by service tag?   I'm curious to see what...
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  • Need beta eval extended pls

    my eval expired.  please provide extension...unless new beta release
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  • SQL Query For VM/Physical in SAM

    Need a SQL script that lists all servers in SAM, sorted by whether they're physical or VM, and creates a table with columns showing node name, IP address, and host (if VM). I don't need a count - I need node names and...
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  • Support for paging/SMS directly (bypassing email)

    Open for Voting
    149 votes
    Currently Alert Central only uses email, and that's how we send SMS messages or pages (via sending email to a third party gateway). Some people still use pagers or are interested in native SMS support.   If you'...
    nicole pauls
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  • Error with Discovery Processing Results NPM 11.5.2

    We are receiving an error when trying to use the network sonar discovery. "An error while processing results has occurred. See discovery log for more details." Also tried to add the nodes by clicking the "results" ...
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  • Tabs or Links for SolarWinds Labs

    Open for Voting
    9 votes
    I like the improvements made recently to the Thwack community site.  However, I would like to see easy to find tabs or links for the SolarWinds abs on the Thwack site.  It is very hard to find these right no...
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  • Ruckus ZoneDirector 1120

    This file  contains the following OIDs: - ruckusRootMIB - ruckusZD1100 - ruckusZD1100SystemName   1.3.6...
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  • Assigning Techs in a School District Environment

    Hey all - firstly, thank you in advanced for helping me out if you can.. I've spent hours trying to figure this out and I am ready to pull my hair out. I'm new to the forum, so please do not give me grief for posting ...
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  • Ability to Take Action from Report Results

    Open for Voting
    8 votes
    For an example. Run a report from the Patch Console for machines that do not have approved updates installed. From the results you can see some machines missing updates. It would be nice to be able to grab those up...
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  • If you're going to update the UI, please let us use the entire screen size, instead of tiny little popup boxes.

    Well, it is a good start, however, why in the world does SolarWinds continue to put everything into tiny little boxes/windows that cannot be adjusted. I have the entire screen to use, yet, I am restricted to use only...
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  • Multiple Poller Performance: What Works?

    We're coming up on the need for multiple pollers, and the new pollers will be placed in WAN-separated sites.  Naturally I'd like to keep the WAN chatter to a minimum, so I'm wondering how people before me have pr...
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  • Export Orion Maps [PowerShell]

    UPDATE: Updated to 1.0.1 to fix exports of User Graphics Files   Because I'm constantly creating and destroying Orion instances in my currently capacity, I sometimes forget to export everything before I start wo...
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  • Are you a Spambot?

    With the influx of new users who are only here to inject ads, let's see who is real and who is not.
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