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  • LEM Install on Server 2016 Help

    I am currently trying to install the LEM on a server 2016.  I am importing LEM version 6.6.  I follow the documentation provided to me and importing the VM.  When I try to start the VM I am given a gene...
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    last modified by barzillo
  • Add UDT ports via API

    I have not found a way to do this, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place. We've got Python scripts for discovering and adding nodes and interfaces via API no problem. We're using corePluginConfig  and ...
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    last modified by clarv02
  • Did you run into any issues with the database merge in Orion 7.3?

    We will be upgrading soon from NCM 7.2.2 to 7.3. In 7.2.2 and prior, the NCM database is separate from the core Orion database. In 7.3, they are merged. Before we upgrade, we would like to understand how the process w...
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    last modified by clubjuggle
  • Firewall Analyzer

    Since Solarwinds no longer has a firewall analyzer.  Which one is best for a small/mid-size company with 2-5 firewalls?
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    last modified by bsumang
  • Customizable appinsights monitor

    The appinsight got 50 monitors which are not customizable thus utilize alot of licenses with out any proper utilization. The appinsight monitor should be customizable so that the required monitors can be applied over ...
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    last modified by Farhood Nishat
  • Cable labeling - redux

    I know that this has been discussed in the past, but I'd really like to see more discussion and hopefully some fresh ideas.   Pictures of your use of the labeling type would be most helpful as well - this would ...
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    last modified by Richard Phillips
  • DNS registrar

    Who do you use?  We are potentially looking to change and I would appreciate any feedback on who you use and why.   Thanks
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    last modified by danielsayer
  • Report for resume monitoring

    We monitor network infrastructure to include WAN circuits.  We have a link on our interface details pages that allows to halt alerting or to resume alerting for that interface.  We have some automatic proces...
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    last modified by fasteddye
  • Buy your own device policy

    Does your company have a buy  your own device policy?
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    last modified by desr
  • To Master Chief or not?

    Should I pre-order the Master Chief collection or not? I just got a last chance email and can't decide...
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    last modified by katieb
  • VLANS not showing up in NPM Summary

    We needed to change a VLAN on a few switches from 70 to 75. After we made the changes SolarWind's saw that those devices no longer had VLAN 70 and but did not show anything for vlan 75; so on the list it went 70, 71, ...
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    last modified by clownbootz
  • How often do you upgrade Orion

    How often do you upgrade your Solarwinds monitoring products?
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    last modified by jemertz
  • Customizing Your SolarWinds Environment

    Customizing your SolarWinds environment is one of the best features of having a SolarWinds environment.   If you have been looking for way to get more from your current setup, but you don't know where to start, ...
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    last modified by wluther
  • Is the ladies' jacket true to size?

    Is the ladies' zip up jacket true to size, or does it run smaller or larger, as women's clothing unfortunately tends to do?  
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    last modified by rbeachy
  • Hurricane Florence?

    Will you be affected by Florence? Thoughts are with those that are in her path.
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    last modified by knucklebusted
  • Store

    Would you like to see Amazon electronic Gift Cards in the Store?
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    last modified by desr
  • The Avengers: Infinity War... initial thoughts?

    NO SPOILERS! Did you see Infinity War this weekend? What were your initial thoughts?  NO SPOILERS!
  • New Car

    So my Ford Edge got totaled, and it's time to find a new car.  Which one of these should i get?
  • What products would you recommend for a small IT shop?

    Hello!   I'm hoping the community can provide some feedback on the 4-5 Solarwinds products from the list below that you think are key for a small IT shop, say less than 3 people? Think about when you were just s...
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    last modified by karlap
  • Random Question

    Have is your favorite TV Show?
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    last modified by aardav!1

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