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  • What is your perception of Network Configuration Manager’s (NCM) primary function?

    HINT: There is no wrong answer!
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    last modified by Wendy Abbott
  • Windows Update Monitoring Inconsistency

    Hello all, I am new to SolarWinds and have been tasked with getting SAM up am running on an already built environment. I am running into an issue with the Windows Update Monitoring application. Specifically, the "Mac...
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    last modified by networkguy101
  • NPM 12.3

    Hi Everyone,   I uninstalled Npm and 6 other modules as well and when I try the offline installer the extracting box will pop up and go away and the configuration wizard will never come up.  Can anyone give...
  • THWACKcamp 2018

    Something is happening in IT. OK, something is always happening in IT, but this year the challenge of IT is measurably different. 2018 IT Trends Index data suggests that there’s a little more disconnect than usu...
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    last modified by Patrick Hubbard
  • Reduce the number of SolarWinds TriGeo alerts from LEM

    We seem to get a lot of alerts for computer account changes and other things that seem to be part of regular operations. Is there a way to fine tune and turn down the number of notifications.
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    last modified by steveg95
  • What would you say is the most important thing for You about Monitoring?

    Hi Guys,   Please give us just one sentence of what you consider being the most important, number one, top thing for you personally about Monitoring?   Thanks Alex
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    last modified by alexslv
  • ServiceNow Integration

    Have you configured ServiceNow with SolarWinds?   We plan on configuring it in the next couple of months and would like to hear some feedback.
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    last modified by s-bolyard
  • How do you handle server patching?

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    last modified by unclehooch
  • Who maintains your SolarWinds tools.

    Who on your team maintains your SolarWinds suite of tools?  System administrators?  Network administrators?  A combination of the two?  I would love to hear how other people have implemented our fa...
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    last modified by network defender
  • System Information - Monitor Model

    We have noticed on the Asset Inventory on the majority of our Dell workstations that the montior vendor and model is being pulled back by SAM as.. polling using WMI Monitor Manufacturer - (Standard monitor types) Moni...
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    created by lufffunk
  • Where do you look for a new job?

    I'm curious how you all go about looking for a new job. Years ago, Monster.com was all the rage. Then DICE, and then social media took over. Now I don't know what's going on.
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    last modified by michael stump
  • Simple NetPath Summary Widget

    Want a simple summary of your NetPath services?  You can do it with Custom Tile.  It comes out like this:   Clicking on any of the statuses or numbers will bring you to that list with naming conventi...
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    last modified by cobrien
  • Netpath not showing redundant LAN links

    Between the probe and the destination is about 4 or 5 hops.  Some hops, with redundant links, aren't showing redundant paths - netpath is showing a straight hop to hop topology, like a straight line.   Spec...
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    last modified by pseudocyber
  • PERFSTACK: Allow boolean metrics

    Open for Voting
    9 votes
    There may be a workaround for this, if so please let me know in the comments.   It would be extremely helpful to able to add a metric that is True/False (1/0) and displays as a vertical line to a perfstack chart...
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    last modified by jscheitel
  • How to send DPA Alert to external logging/ticketing system?

    Hi,   what are ways that DPA's can interface with other software/systems?   eg: Take info from an alert and send it to an 'auto-ticketing system'. or out put alert info to text or log file
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    last modified by wmurphy1
  • Handle Counts on Real Time Process Explorer

    Open for Voting
    16 votes
    My Window Engineering team is getting more acclimated to use features in SolarWinds like the Real Time Process Explorer when troubleshooting. One idea was to look at handles as a possible issue to a situation or outag...
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    last modified by skhan
  • Support for IPv6 in the source and destination address of flows

    Open for Voting
    180 votes
    Other requests on thwack for IPv6 support: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/162351#162351 http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/107547#107547
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    last modified by mavturner
  • Group based alerting

    Hello,   We are monitoring approximately 1600 nodes and have set up custom properties to group each node by its site (roughly 5-10 nodes per site). I am looking to try and set up an alert so if multiple nodes at...
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    last modified by walkerish
  • how to allow TFTP server access through the Windows 7 firewall?

    how to allow TFTP server access through the Windows 7 firewall? THere is executables, TFTPserver.exe and TFTP-server_solarwinds.exe: which file should have access through the firewall? What are the difference between...
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    last modified by protox
  • Orion Reports for device inventory -Mfg part

    I am trying to create a Report with Mfg part for Cisco devices.   Example:     Mfg.Part: CON-SNT-C2921AX9,  VENDOR - Cisco,   MACHINE TYPE - Cisco 2921,   ...
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    last modified by sarif5

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