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  • Volume Re-discovery Process in Solarwind

    Open for Voting
    77 votes
    Hello Team,   We came across with the problem, where most of the Volumes(New Volumes) are not getting added automatically in solarwind. The current " Rediscover" Feature should also poll New Volume information a...
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    last modified by jaimin.pithadia
  • Stress Relief Companion Animal Choice

    Here's an easy one, I think I know how this one will turn out, but I'm curios to find out.  Working in IT can be stressful at times, so when you go home to relax with a companion animal (I don't like to use the w...
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    last modified by shartz
  • Ticket Draft - Save before submit

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    Hello, I would like to see the option to save a ticket as draft before submitting. This would be of benefit for more complex service request type tickets which contain multiple custom fields. The info required for t...
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    last modified by tony.johnson
  • Do you know about our Ambassadors?

    Every week we feature 1 or 2 thwack Ambassadors to spark discussion on relevant topics in the IT industry.  Each of these bloggers are focused on a specific area such as Network Management, Server & Applicati...
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    last modified by DanielleH
  • How often do you visit thwack?

    Just like the title says: How often do you visit thwack?
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    last modified by DanielleH
  • If you could have a Super Power, what would it be?

    As an IT professional you may not being saving the world everyday, but sometimes it may feel that way.
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    last modified by spugatch
  • Netscaler Load Balancing support

    Open for Voting
    24 votes
    Currently F5 is supported. Can we add netscalers?
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    last modified by denstjames
  • We would like to see support SHA2 for SNMP V3

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    SHA1 is not supported on some of our devices.
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    last modified by leidos
  • Need a report listing custom properties and their uses

    I need to delete a number of custom properties from my database, but I do not want to do it until I have an idea of how those CPs are being used. So, how would I create a report showing the views, groups, limitations,...
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    last modified by borgan
  • SolarWinds Two-Way integration with Ticketing Systems

    Hello   I have a couple of questions:   Q1:  Does Orion recommend (even unofficially) any fully automated (without manual coding) 3rd party tool that allows smooth Two-Way integration with Major Ticke...
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    last modified by kiwi
  • Add Web Reports to Custom Views and be able to add links to our objects in our Web reports

    Open for Voting
    20 votes
    Feature Request real soon: From Web Reporting we need to be able to use the created reports to add to our custom views. And be able to add links to the objects like we do in the application. Management and our us...
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    last modified by cmatrask
  • Solar-putty GUI Footer

    I’ve found a flaw in the GUI. The footer hides the command prompt which makes this tool unusable. You can clearly see in the attached screen capture of my SSH session to a switch that the bottom of the session i...
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    last modified by bangoruniversity
  • Hurricane Florence?

    Will you be affected by Florence? Thoughts are with those that are in her path.
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    last modified by knucklebusted
  • IT Pro Day

              Guess who's back, back again, IT Pro Day, tell a friend! SolarWinds has once again allowed me to circle the sun as a SolarWinds Head Geek™. To me, IT Pro Da...
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    last modified by Dez
  • SWIS Schema - How to learn which entity types permit CRUD operations?

    I love how the SWIS schema lists all the attributes and verbs for each entity type. But, I can't seem to find information on which entities support which CRUD interfaces.   The About SWIS page on the OrionSDK wi...
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    last modified by bsweedler
  • SNMP versions in use

    What version of SNMP do you use on your devices? 
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    last modified by peter.ksenzsigh
  • Is there a way to audit component creation in a template?

    We have several dozen servers running large 50+ component count templates updated by maybe 30 people in the NOC on a regular basis as new URLs need to be added and old ones are removed from monitoring. Mainly these ar...
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    last modified by jburke
  • Delegate firmware upgrades to users (e.g. junior admins)

    Open for Voting
    9 votes
    I would like to see that firmware upgrades can be delegated to users (e.g. junior admins) that are not full administrators of NCM. Of course they should only be allowed to execute firmware upgrade templates on the de...
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    last modified by kristofer
  • Supressing Access Point (AP) Down Alert when the Controller is Down

    I have noticed for the AP's that I am monitoring via the Controller (All Cisco here), I get Down AP Alerts when the controllers goes down.   This comes first;   Device ******** (Wireless Controller) is sh...
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    last modified by cahunt
  • THWACK Monthly Mission - September 2018

    Shift. Breathe. Demo. Your pulse quickens. In this moment, monitoring advancements meet the desire to do more, in less time. Begin the mission. Fuel your obsession. A new level of performance is yours to experience. &...
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    last modified by DanielleH

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