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  • Upgrading Orion platform NPM 12.1 to 12.5 and SQL database migration from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2017

    Hi Guys, In the process of upgrading our Orion platform and latest 2019.2 release. I am bit rusty on the server end so if you can help me out much appreciated   Current environment: Orion Platform  ...
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    last modified by schatman
  • Add Technical Support for Custom Packages

    Open for Voting
    156 votes
    I would like to suggest that technical support reconsider supporting and troubleshooting customers who need help deploying custom packages in PatchManger.  While the software has the PackageBoot feature and the a...
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    last modified by mjmitchell
  • Create " Provisioning mode" to allow pre-configuring of new devices

    Open for Voting
    15 votes
    would like to see a "provisioning mode" created to allow pre-configuring/ pre-addition of devices before they go live. currently can not added a snmp managed device unless it reachable... this way a device that being ...
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    last modified by doug.zeller
  • IP SLA monitoring via NPM

    Hi,   I would like if anyone here were able to create an IP SLA monitoring via NPM. We don't have VNQM and i think there's no plan on getting one. Need your help   Thank you guys!
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    created by llsoriano
  • Request Type autofill

    When a user is creating a new ticket, is there a way to autofill the Request Type?  It is always empty, so the user needs to select one before they can type the Subject and Request Detail.   Thanks.
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    created by oscar89
  • Feature Request: WorldMap Action for Downed Nodes

    Open for Voting
    10 votes
    I would like to see the ability, for the World Map Resource, to automatically zoom in on a Node based upon it's status, and populate the information for said node. When the node goes into a "down" state it would be fa...
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    last modified by toph31
  • Filtering support for network sonar discovery

    Open for Voting
    44 votes
    We are using network sonar discovery function primarily to see what changed in our network. That's where it started to become pretty useless.   Let's say we want to see what changed daily (Add/remove interface, ...
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    last modified by ctopaloglu
  • Virtualization -  How We Got Here and Does It Have a Future?

    In over 20 years I’ve spent in the IT industry, I’ve seen many changes, but nothing has had a bigger impact as virtualization.   I remember sitting in a classroom back in the early 2000s with a serve...
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    created by techstringy
  • Viewing a server baseline in full in SCM

    I've been trying to find a report or database table for viewing a server baseline in full altogether. I'd really hate to have to copy and paste each entry from the inventory to gather this myself.   Anyone know...
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    last modified by alphabits
  • Fix agent port on server

    Hi, We recently run into an issue that we have not imagine: we are monitoring couple of SQL cluster with multiple SQL instance. These instance have port setup by the DB team. We have deployed SolarWinds agent to mo...
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    last modified by MathieuJM
  • Manage and Monitor PowerShell Scripts

    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of PowerShell. “Fan” is a diminutive version of the word “fanatic,” and in this instance both are true. That’s why I was so excited to see t...
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    last modified by KMSigma
  • Create a Top XX syslog events by node resource - SWQL

    Several folks have mentioned that they are interested in creating a resource for Log Analyzer that summarizes the top "X" nodes by event count. I have created a basic starting point below that could easily be extended...
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    last modified by jvb
  • Creating blackout windows just for alerts

    Open for Voting
    21 votes
    If I am running a release, I don't want the ignite monitor to be blacked out but I would like to be able to blackout specific alerts.  This would also help with development environments where I may want to know i...
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    last modified by kathleen.gibbs
  • Greatest Invention Ever!

    There are countless important inventions. Only ten are allowed here, so...I know you lot are creative, and I did only play the basics so... (I voted for cuticle remover. Why? Because the cuticle is that piece of skin ...
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    last modified by Bronx
  • Basic running a script and reading the output or reading a log file LINUX

    Need help changing a custom mon script from a different tool to solarwinds.   NAMonitor.sh: result:$alarm:NA commands issued in the past 5 minutes $count     $alarm is used to decide which the sever...
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    last modified by tmcurry
  • How to get data from a report into NOC

    Hi everyone - I've got a question about getting relevant information into my NOC view for a service desk.   I've got a number of virtual servers that I'm monitoring. I can get volume information, and application...
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    last modified by gareth.armstrong
  • Marvel or DC

    With the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel seems to be on an unstoppable roll of successful movies in the MCU.  DC on the other hand, seems to hit and miss and there definitely seems to be less excitment...
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    last modified by bsciencefiction.tv
  • DNS security monitoring

    DNS security is vividly discussed topic in IT world. How do you need to deal with it in your company?
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    last modified by michal.hrncirik
  • Do you participate in polls?

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    last modified by Bronx
  • NTA / UDT / IPAM integration

    Which of the following integrations would you welcome? ( examples of use cases provided, but feel free to add more! ) Thanks
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    last modified by peter.ksenzsigh

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