• thwack Upgrade Maintenance February 27, 2015 - When we'll be back online and what to expect

    Happy Friday, esteemed thwack members!  I wanted to take a second to remind everyone that thwack will be undergoing maintenance tonight, February 27th at 7PM CST for several hours.  We are estimating that we...
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  • What Are We Working on for Kiwi Syslog After 9.4

    To receive updates on the Kiwi Syslog roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   We are currently putting the the last details of what will be coming in the next release, so stay tuned for that.   Howe...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - February 2015

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed a trending topic that IT Pros are continuously hearing about or reacting to; network security. IT security should be both proactive and responsive - that...
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  • Favorite IT Metaphors,Sayings and Aphorisms

    In my Linkedin Profile, I write that I’m a fan of “elaborate IT Metaphors” yet, in a very literal way, I’ve never actually written a list of my favorites.   Listing out my favorite IT met...
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  • Hybrid Cloud and Software-Defined Data Center #syschat Recap

    SolarWinds hosted a Twitter chat using #syschat to talk about hybrid cloud, software-defined data centers, converged infrastructure, and container technologies. We invited three distinguished technology SMEs: Christo...
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  • Network Configuration Manager v7.4 Beta2 is Available!

    Update: NCM 7.4 Beta2 has been made available.   We have completed another bulk of the development effort and are now focused on testing the latest enhancements of Network Configuration Manager (NCM); NCM v7.4 B...
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  • The Attack Vector of Everything

    “Cyber terrorism could also become more attractive as the real and virtual worlds become more closely coupled, with automobiles, appliances, and other devices attached to the Internet.”  -- Dorothy De...
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  • Network Discovery: Manual vs automated

    There is much talk in the IT profession about automation. “Automate all the things” is written in some shape or fashion across a variety of blogs and social media platforms. I even briefly mentioned it in ...
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  • NPM 11.5 Now Available

    It is my pleasure to announce the release of NPM 11.5!  This release includes:   Wireless Heat Maps Capacity Forecasting Web Based Alerting Wireless heat maps  with client location for Cisc...
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  • Network Configuration Manager v7.4 Beta2 is Available!

    Update: NCM 7.4 Beta2 has been made available.   We have completed another bulk of the development effort and are now focused on testing the latest enhancements of Network Configuration Manager (NCM); NCM v7.4 B...
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  • AppStack – a Compass to Guide You Through the Forest

    Back in 1989, I received a copy of a program that promised to be groundbreaking. It was called, “Forest-and-the-Trees.” The software that came on a 3.5” floppy proposed to scan my computer's hard dri...
    Leon Adato
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  • Logging; Without a complete picture, what’s the point?

    Just the other day (Okay, it was a few weeks ago) I was having a discussion about logging with a “small” Fortune 50 company.  Their problem was… They wanted a more intelligent way to analyze th...
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  • Web Performance Monitor (WPM) 2.2 RC1 Now Available!

    The Web Performance Monitor (WPM) 2.2 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is now available! To participate in the RC, simply fill out the survey in the link below to get started.     Click here to participate in the ...
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  • What we are working after User Device Tracker 3.2

    Thanks to the great feedback regarding UDT node discovery, we found several ways we could streamline importing nodes into UDT. As many customers prefer manually adding nodes already present in Orion database, we wante...
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  • THE Virtual Chick Chimes in on SolarWinds AppStack

    Perusing through my virtualization blog feeds, a post from Amy Manley (@wyrdgirl) on her blog site, Virtual Chick, entitled "Solarwinds AppStack with SRM Flavor and More!" caught my attention. Amy is a fellow VMware v...
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  • Customer Training Program - Changing and Growing in 2015!

    For just over a year now, the SolarWinds customer training program has been offering classes on the Orion Core platform and NPM. During that time, we’ve delivered over 150 classes to nearly 2500 students. And no...
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  • WSUS Timeout Errors - Defragment the filesystem

    WSUS Timeout Errors - When? and Why? - Eliminating and avoiding   We’re up to Part 4 now, and we’re going to look at defragmenting the database for WSUS. To recap in Part 2 we talked about removing u...
    Lawrence Garvin
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  • Google maps anyone?

    Technorati Tags: SolarWinds,SolarWinds Orion NPM,SolarWinds Orion,Google Maps,Network Topology,Topology Mapping   So once again, the community is at it again.  Dal wrote a pretty sweet little integration wh...
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  • セミナー(3月4,5,6日): ダイキン工業様協賛『重いタスクを軽くする!』ネットワーク管理ツールセミナー

    ソーラーウインズは、ソーラーウインズ製品ディストリビューターであるダイキン工業様のご協賛をいただき、セミナーを開催いたします。   重いタスクを軽くする! ネットワーク管理ツール 新製品&アップグレードセミナー  【こんなお客様にお勧めです】 ・ソーラーウインズ製品(Network Performance Monitor)を利用されている企業のネットワーク管理者様 ・ソーラーウインズ製品(Network Pe...
  • SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager v6.5 is now available

    SolarWinds FSM v6.5 is now available for download in your customer portal. FSM v6.5 brings these notable improvements:   Juniper SRX support Increased support for managing, tracking, searching and documenting...
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