• Incident responders: Build or buy?

    Incident responders: Build or buy? There is far more to security management than technology. In fact, one could argue that the human element is more important in a field where intuition is just as valuable as knowledg...
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  • Regular Checkups: Is your NMS still loved?

    A finely-tuned NMS is at the heart of a well-run network. But it’s easy for an NMS to fall into disuse. Sometimes that can happen slowly, without you realizing. You need to keep re-evaluating things, to make sur...
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  • 2015 Predictions and beyond, Stop telling me what’s happening, let me tell you!

    We are a solid 3 months into 2015 at this point, the first quarter is nearly out, and subsequently we should start seeing the seeds or even some fruit of various ‘2015 Predictions’ by “industry&rdquo...
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  • Cutting Down On Alerting Noise: Guest Post From Support

    I’ve been with SolarWinds going on 8 years now, working with the Support Team, so it came as no surprise to me when I saw how many of you answered our poll last month that Alerts, specifically, filtering out the...
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  • What We're Working on for NTM

    NTM 2.2 is out the door and we're hard at work on the next release.  Here's some of the stuff we're working on:   Discover Serial Numbers and MAC Addresses (https://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/2095)   ...
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  • AppStack Addresses the Dynamic Changes in the Virtualization and Storage Layers

    In the first installment of the AppStack series, Joel Dolisy took you for A Lap around AppStack—providing a high level overview of the concept. Lawrence Garvin then connected the dots from a systems perspective ...
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  • Customer Training Program - Changing and Growing in 2015!

    For just over a year now, the SolarWinds customer training program has been offering classes on the Orion Core platform and NPM. During that time, we’ve delivered over 150 classes to nearly 2500 students. And no...
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  • thwack Monthly Mission - March 2015

    You are about to embark on a journey into the deepest enigma of scientific discovery—the cosmos. Join the likes of Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Kip Thorne, Arthur Dent, and Buzz Lightyear on your own epic odysse...
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  • UDT Whitelisting FAQ

    Now with version 3.0 of SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) you can define a set of rules to determine if a network device belongs on your white list. If so, the device appears in UDT resources list as a safe device....
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  • The Attack Vector of Everything

    “Cyber terrorism could also become more attractive as the real and virtual worlds become more closely coupled, with automobiles, appliances, and other devices attached to the Internet.”  -- Dorothy De...
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  • Post thwack Upgrade - Where'd Your Stuff Go?

    Whew! We have successfully upgraded the thwack Community.  Below we have compiled a list of navigation points & actions that have moved around on the site.  We really hope you are enjoying the updated lo...
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  • User Device Tracker 3.2.1 Release Candidate now available!

    User Device Tracker (UDT) 3.2.1 Release Candidate is now available in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.   UDT 3.2.1 brings back ability to monitor new switches and routers without a need to do re-discovery. You c...
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  • Big brother is watching you

    Management wants to be able to track employees productivity and their performance to use in periodic employee evaluations. Performance improvements can lead to keeping your job, bonuses, and pay increases, where decli...
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  • Deep Packet Inspection and Analysis FAQs

    Over the course of the last few weeks we have held a number of webinars with customers about NPM version 11 and the new deep packet inspection and analysis capabilities.  Throughout those webinars, a number of co...
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  • Data retention policies: lessons learned & what stays on the boat.

    What seems like a lifetime ago I worked for a few enterprises doing various things like firewall configurations, email system optimizations and hardening of Netware, NT4, AIX and HPUX servers. There were 3 good sized ...
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  • What We're Working On for Web Help Desk

    To receive updates on the WHD roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   We are currently in the planning phases for the next release, based on user feedback we are investigating following areas. As we move fo...
    Peter Krutý
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  • What We Are Working On For NCM After 7.3

    To receive updates on the NCM roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   After the release of NCM v7.3 and service releases NCM v7.3.1, and v7.3.2, we have been working on another bulk of features. Here they...
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  • You Don't Know thwack - The Onboarding Mission

    First off, I'd like to personally welcome you to thwack.  I'll start off with a brief introduction of who we are then we'll jump right in.   Maybe you've heard rumblings of thwack or perhaps this is your fi...
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  • Moving Network Configuration Management Forward

    Better Network Configuration Management promises a lot. Networks that are more reliable, and can respond as quickly as the business needs. But it’s a big jump from the way we've run traditional networks. I'm won...
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  • What Are We Working on for Kiwi Syslog

    To receive updates on the Kiwi Syslog roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page. LAST UPDATED March 2015   We are just coming off the latest Service Release of Kiwi Syslog in which we added support for Wind...
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