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  • $20,000 for 100 Node SAM License?

    I was working on setting up my Solarwinds lab environment to do some testing/experimenting and to have a lab environment first to apply updates and see if anything breaks.  I have access to some of the NFR softwa...
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    last modified by martian monster
  • Is Support out for the day?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if technical support was out for the day?  I opened a ticket this morning and it is still in "Not Started" status.  So I called and never reached anyone left my number to get a...
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    last modified by justin.alcorta
  • How to clear error from MOM in V_Center

    Hi,   If we are monitor the ESXi by V_Center way, in this situation sometime we are getting the h/w error in solarwinds but when we are checking in esxi, error not there, so we should check MOB of the V_Center w...
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    last modified by krishna mishra
  • IPAM licensing swap between separate environments with different license levels

    Hello all,   I'm in a situation where I have two Solarwinds environments, existing has IPAM IPX (and corresponding licensing for NPM/NTA/NCM etc) in Production, and a new "to be Prod" environment with IP1000-lev...
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    last modified by byronfelts
  • Broken direct link to ticket request type after update to 12.7.1?

    I'm hoping this is an error on our part and not a bug, but it seems that after the update, the ability to link directly to a ticket form is broken. We've tried with a few browsers, a few ticket request types and the f...
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    last modified by glisit
  • Yearly Task Bug

    Trying to set up a task to run every year on January 1st. I'm picking interval monthly > every 12 months > each 1st day, starting on 01/01/20, as shown below. But I'm getting next scheduled date of 01/01/21. ...
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    last modified by bigolbig
  • Alert Engine - Maximum Rules Processed.

    Currently we have somewhere around a little less than 200 active alert rules that the alert engine has to process in our Orion deployment.  I'm wondering if there is a maximum number of alert rules that the alert...
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    created by nglynn
  • Time spent on any ticket per day by technician

    We pass around tickets a lot and several people might work on the same one. Can I run a report or query that adds up the cumulative time spent on all tickets per day by technician?
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    last modified by chipwoods
  • Packet Loss measurement on NetPath, "bugged" with 8.1% packet loss

    Hi all,   Is this co-incidence? Many NetPaths created (including 2 NetPath services on the https://oriondemo.solarwinds.com/  site) always show the end destination hop with a magical number of 8.1% Packet d...
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    last modified by RaviK
  • SWQL Complex query

    very new to the swis api and SWQL so would greatly appreciate any help. i am looking for a query that will give me traffic information interfaces this being the max/min in/out bps  and the avg in/out bps for a p...
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    last modified by loftyyy
  • ArubaOS (Model315) APUptime

    We are using NPM 12.4. We want to discover Aruba AP uptime.   We are using OID to capture APUptime.   However, the test Result show 27592200.   Is it possible to d...
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    last modified by rkrish01
  • JDBC connection not successful after upgrade to WHD 12.7.1

    OS: CentOS 7, fully updated WHD version initial (working): WHD version after upgrade (broken):   JDBC connector: mysql-connector-java-8.0.18.jar JDBC (also tried old version): mysql-conne...
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    last modified by libit
  • VDI Desktop support  on VMAN

    I was looking a way to leverage VMAN module to monitor VDI desktop environment  in the virtual infrastructure. often times operations encounter  problems relating to VDI desktop performance issues which coul...
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    created by mestasew
  • Solarwinds Agent installtion Failed on Windows

    Hello Community!!   Seeking your help.... we are trying to install an agent manually on the target server and agent installation getting failed with the below error.   Port communication from Target to S...
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    last modified by ganesh.suresh
  • IIS App Pool Status with Powershell

    I realize AppInsight can do this out of the box, but for various reasons AppInsight isn't an option. I'm trying to get the status of an application pool and display it using a Powershell monitor, but having an issue w...
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    last modified by t0ta11ed74
  • SAM v2019.4 Auto agent update

    Does this version try to push it's new agent to my existing agents?
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    last modified by amehlman
  • Max number of Strings per Rule?

    I'm curious what the recommended max number of "Log Entries" are in one Log Analyzer Rule?  How many strings are too many?
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    last modified by Jeremiah Holland
  • SSL Certificate Expiration Date Error: Connection closed. Transport failed! Closing the connection... Exception message: Last available ssl protocol failed

    I am getting this error on the SSL Certificate Expiration Date Monitor: Transport failed! Closing the connection... Exception message: Last available ssl protocol failed   Has anyone seen this before? i can see ...
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    last modified by rmullal
  • Since updating to 2019.4 cannot get rid of Log Analyzer 1 product in evaluation banner

    So I upgraded NPM to 2019.4 in order to get the new traps alerts functionality and it installed a trial license of Log Analyzer that is causing the banner to show up. From what I've read if I uninstall Log Analyzer I ...
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    last modified by mibsinstanity
  • Data size of ingested logs

    Is there a quick way to see the amount of data being ingested per source? For example, I had two sources spike in sending log messages on the same day which caused us to get much closer to our daily ingestion limit. B...
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    created by chase.btb

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