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  • Swql Donut Chart with caption on Total Nodes

    Hi, was trying out on the sqwl with donut chart, successfully create the chart but having problem to display the total nodes on the same custom html. Below is the swql code used, appreciate anyone can help to advise. ...
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    last modified by davidcmp
  • [SWQL] Custom queries with text/hyperlink within table

    Hi,   First of all, apologies for the lengthy inquiry and if this is posted in the wrong section, I'm quite new to SWQL. So here goes, as per the title, there are a few inquiries regarding the matter:   1....
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    last modified by m wafiy
  • CPU Spike - What Caused It?

    I often get alerts showing CPU reached 100%.  This is good, however by the time I get to looking at the issue, it's gone.  How can I go "back in time" to determine what process was causing my CPU to spike?
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    last modified by snydosaurus
  • Duplicate entries in IPAM.GroupNode, and is there a hidden index?

    I'm writing a little script that will pull used IPs from specific blocks, and check to see if they are in any of our Visio drawings.   When I'm running a query though I'm getting a lot of duplicate entries which...
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    last modified by maliron
  • Any way to force a VMWare host to use VMAN Orion polling?

    We have a 192-socket VMAN license. We ended up with more VMWare hosts than we anticipated and maxed out our license, which caused new VMWare hosts to be polled using basic polling. We have several standalone hosts (no...
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    last modified by m-milligan
  • Orion.Engines.Pollers - What does this represent?

    I've been doing a ton of clean-up and enhancements to our SolarWinds implementation here over the past year. Recently, I found a nice SolarWinds poller statistics display that I lightly modified for my use. I'm very h...
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    last modified by christophercamacho1
  • Patch Manager Sync - Key already exists

    Steps to reproduce: Admin & Reporting > Software Publishing > Right click (or from action panel) > Synchro Settings Immediately pops an error "Unable to retrieve Patch Manager Update Settings. Once you ...
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    last modified by mck
  • A report to identify root - bridge on cisco devices ?

    hello - new to 2019.4  - any help much appreciated
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    last modified by ralphb
  • email notification to Office 365 account

    We are using the free ipMonitor tool to monitor pings on all production servers. I have all of the settings in place for Office 365 email notifications but they fail to get to the accounts. They work when I point them...
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    last modified by biles.joseph
  • SCCM Version Support & Upgrade Certificate

    I have two questions, ahead of upgrading PM for the first time.  Reviewing the Upgrade Preflight Checklist, I find the "Run All Windows Updates" task.  Makes sense, but there is a note stating to "Generate a...
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    last modified by pmanson
  • Unmanage a time period in the past

    Is there a way to unmanage a time period in the past so it doesn't count against uptime metrics? For example, if one of our sites shuts down power to the whole site without notifying us? The GUI allows you to unmanage...
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    last modified by bmwortman
  • SolarWinds NCM Firmware upgrade template for HP Switches

    Hi, Trying to use SolarWinds to automate the firmware upgrade process on our HP switches through SolarWinds NCM. Just wondering if anyone has a template that I can look at, as the default ones do apply to CISCO and so...
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    last modified by sonacanada
  • Restart Service in the New Alert (web) Creator

    Hi Guys   Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question.   I have been trying to get an alert to trigger a range of services to restart if the go down.   Now some guides are saying there was an op...
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    last modified by bobin
  • Log Analyzer licensing and Syslog Messages

    We have recently Purchased Log Analyzer for our environment, we monitor 600+ network devices through NPM and all these devices are configured to send the syslogs to Solarwinds server. After we installed LA in our envi...
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    last modified by koushik.bhargav
  • SAM Monitor IIS Powershell Errors

    I'm trying to monitor IIS via SAM. When Solarwinds attempts to automatically configure the IIS server it returns an error that Powershell 2.0 is required. However, the version of Powershell running on the remote serve...
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    last modified by starfishprime
  • Start script for the Linux (SEM) agent on v7 of Oracle Linux (systemd based)

    I am looking at the Linux agent installation documentation (below) and it applies to v6 of Linux (configuring a script in /etc/init.d). Installed SEM version = 2019.4   Install the SEM Agent on Linux and Unix ...
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    last modified by rvincent
  • Client groups with leaders?

    We have a number of different teams within the various departments in our company. Each team has a leader. We are hoping that team leaders can see tickets placed by all of the members in their team without having to b...
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    last modified by jaywash
  • File Serv-U module in Orion SDK

    Hi There.   anyone has seen/used Serv-U module in ORION SDK? I am planning to use any such feature to poll for new files, delete the files once copied to my local machine programmatically. Has anybody used it? &...
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    last modified by mparimi
  • Dameware MRC slow smart card authentication

    Hi, I'm using Dameware Mini Remote Control   Problem: When connecting to a remote computer with MRC and I use the authentication type "Smartcard" it takes around 20-25 seconds every time until I'm c...
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    last modified by giogio
  • Smart Card authentication for SAM individual accounts

    Hello!   I want to be able to use Smart Card login for SAM application users that do NOT have Windows AD accounts on the local domain. Everything I am finding has instructions for either configuring SAM to direc...
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    last modified by a2097anew

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