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  • Unable to log into thwackcamp chat

    I have been trying to get 3rd party cookies to work on my work system (DoD) and my own iPad.  Tried different browsers on both systems still not working.  Turning on all cookies tracking and anything else th...
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    created by melonizame
  • AWS constructs | gateway monitoring (not the 'usual' cloud monitoring)

    Can SolarWinds monitor AWS networking constructs such as Transit Gateway and DirectConnect Gateway? We have relatively few static EC2 instances (which are equivalent to VMs) in AWS that would need to be monitored. ...
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    last modified by kingslider
  • Add vCenter to Solarwinds Using SwisPowerShell

    I am struggling to find a verb to add vCenter to Solarwinds within SWQL Studio I have looked around for hours!   I tried using New-SwisObject with an EntityType of "Orion.Nodes" and MachineType of "VM...
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    created by mornando
  • Import Template using SwisPowershell

    Hi there,   I am currently automating the installation and configuration of solarwinds with the help of the SwisPowershell module. I have managed to fully install solarwinds orion, agents on the nodes and can as...
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    last modified by mornando
  • THWACK Camp chat

    So is there no THWACKCamp chat this year for some reason? Or am I just not getting it to load...   GET https://thwack.solarwinds.com/api/rumbletalk/rooms/654620/embed?divId=my-chat-client&nc=1571234149479 50...
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    created by Geoff Smith
  • From an API into Orion

    Is there a process that would take the results of an api from another platform and put the results into an existing NPM node? Like could I create a "blank" undp and put the results of the api into that undp and use t...
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    last modified by saw10
  • Show us your Worldwide Maps -- for 500 THWACK points!

    Hi! It has been awhile since we asked you to Show us your Network Atlas maps! We want to check back in and focus on Worldwide Maps this time.   The User Experience group wants to see examples of the Worldwide M...
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    last modified by kbongi
  • IPAM Subnet Export?

    OK, in my mind this should be simple but I can't seem to find a way to do this. We use IPAM where I work and we have multiple locations with subnets at each location and all I want to do is an export that shows locati...
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    last modified by spx13320
  • How would you build a regular Report, or a Compliance Report, to provide counts of ports with, or without, specific configuration lines?

    I've been challenged to use NPM or NCM (or any SW module) to do the following (and I don't see the way to do it yet):   Given:  NPM monitors all switch ports, and NCM backs up all Switches nightly Tasks:&#...
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    last modified by rschroeder
  • SWQL Examples

    I'm new to SWQL and have no prior knowledge of SQL queries so was looking for some  examples to learn the language and do some experimenting with but been unable to find anything.   I've looked on GitHub an...
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    last modified by jonchill
  • Checkpoint Firewall Log is not showing on LEM Console properly

    We are trying to capture checkpoint FW allow/deny firewall traffic logs on LEM. I have successfully added the node & configured the connector Checkpoint 600 Appliances (auth.log) However when i create a filter und...
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    last modified by chelsea2017
  • Report on Muted and Unmanaged Entities

    I'm looking for an SQL/SWQL query or Report that will  show all muted and/or unmanaged entities in Orion with from and to dates and the user name that has made this configuration.  Currently I have two separ...
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    last modified by forstgre
  • AppInsight for Active Directory

    How can I download/import the AppInsight for Active Directory template to my SAM? I searched online, but could not find the template to download and this does not show up under 'Shared Templates on Thwack' in Manage A...
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    last modified by arjunreddy
  • Sort node status in a group

    In NPM the nodes are sorted in alphabetically or ascending/descending order of resource utilization, How to sort the node status in group in below order. Down, Critical, Warning, UP       gangadhar...
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    last modified by Prashant Kadechkar
  • NCM - Is there a way to bulk import devices that NCM cannot reach?

    Two-part question: Part 1: I can add devices one-at-a-time that are "External Node: No Status" but I cannot use the discovery tool to bulk add these types of devices, since if they do not respond to ping or SNMP it w...
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    last modified by rednarb
  • Solarwind Rest Api Authentication

    Hi I am new to Solarwinds. i am trying to authenticate sonarwind rest api using basic auth from my java code. But getting 401 error.  I am using my Ldap username and pwd for authentication. I also used OrionSDk ...
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    last modified by montapas
  • Account automatically blocked after 5 unsuccessful authentication attempts ??

    Is the user account automatically blocked after 5 unsuccessful authentication attempts? On Orion Platform
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    created by arsenefta
  • What is the best way for back sync from OBM to Solarwinds

    Dears,   Please help me with the details how to setup the "Back Sync" from OBM to Solarwinds   Scenario:   Step 1: Solarwinds generate a Node Down event. Step 2: Solarwinds forwards the above event ...
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    last modified by solar_vijay
  • Concurrent Session

    Hiii   Can i know below regarding the Orion Users:   a) With a single account, how many concurrent sessions can a SolarWinds Installation Support b) In total, how many concurrent sessions can i have using...
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    last modified by geo@skylinetech.ae
  • Help with creating SolarWinds report.

    Hi All   I have a group or a folder called Data. Inside Data I have a number of sub-groups and inside each sub-group I have a number of MSWindows physical servers. I need to create a report that will list all ob...
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    last modified by moonstruck

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