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  • Folder Statistics

    This template generates a number of statistics on specified folder for both stats and alerting. Simply apply to a node and enter the folder path in 'script arguments' field to get:   Folder Last Modified Time St...
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    last modified by osborne_graham
  • Using Your Custom HTML Resource To Properly Display SWQL Query Results

    **2019.05.29 | Updated Attachment: In addition to the 2 previous versions(WITH and WITHOUT the node custom properties for Area & Department), I have added a 3rd option which shows recent events below the pie chart...
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    last modified by wluther
  • User Access Management under control

    Loads of efforts are made to protect data and devices.   Each branch office requires perimeter defense in the range of a four- to five-digit budget. Connections from outside via VPN are secured with multi-factor...
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    last modified by Sascha Giese
  • User Access Management unter Kontrolle

    In der IT wird ein immenser Aufwand betrieben, um sowohl Daten als auch Devices abzusichern. Es werden pro Standort mittlere vierstellige Summen für Perimeter-Schutz investiert, Zugriffe von außen finden &#...
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    last modified by Sascha Giese
  • Interactive Node Outage tracker

    First off thank you to wluther and his posts that led me in the right direction to create this, as well as mesverrum for his query on node outages.   This is a custom HTML resource that uses SWQL queries, Javasc...
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    last modified by jhaas
  • Pingdom Did You Know

    To get notified every time we add a new Did You Know,  click on the follow button on the top right of this screen.   We just released a new version of the Pingdom API.  Version 3.1 has improved securit...
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    last modified by peter.distefano
  • What We're Working on for SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (Updated Jun 13th, 2019)

    Access Rights Manager continues to evolve. Here is a view of what we are working on:   FIPS-compatible encryption. All communication between client, server, and web server will be encrypted using FIPS compliant ...
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    last modified by sreinhardt
  • CSCO-IOSXE-NDM - Services.xml

    Cisco IOS XE Release 3 NDM Security Technical Implementation Guide: Version: 1: Release: 5: 25 Jan 2019
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    last modified by tdoc
  • Custom Alert - Jobs running longer than usual

    This computes the average duration of a job from the job history tables, and computes a number representing how many times longer it is currently running than usual.   For example. Job1 usually takes 30 minutes...
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    last modified by glutenfreesql
  • Orion Platform 2019.2 - Enhanced Node Status

    Status is arguably one of the most important aspects of any monitoring solution. It's a key component for visually notifying you that something is amiss in your environment, as well as being an important aid in the tr...
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    last modified by aLTeReGo
  • Circuit Table

    Create a slick circuit table using custom properties   1.  Create the following 'interface' custom properties:  CircuitID, CarrierName, CarrierContact 2.  For interfaces that connect to a carrier c...
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    last modified by tkercher
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database

    This template contains performance & statistics counters for monitoring Azure Sql Server Database. Prerequisites: PowerShell module (Azure, AzureRM) must be installed prior to running this template To connect w...
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    last modified by jvb
  • Orion Log Viewer the New and Improved Version of the Syslog and Trap Viewers

    While the existing syslog and trap functionality that ships with the Orion® Platform has served us well over the last several years, there has always been some room for improvement. For example, we would sometime...
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    last modified by katieb
  • What are we working on for VNQM (Updated September 13th, 2019)

    With our most recent release delivering SIP utilization monitoring from the Cisco CUBE, we bring you a list of items we are working for the future of VNQM.   VNQM UI Performance optimizations - In coordination...
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    last modified by jreves
  • Table of Third Party Patches - Updated 09/13/2019

    Simplify and automate these patches and more with SolarWinds Patch Manager. Check out the attached spreadsheet for recent patches. The Patch Manager catalog contains the following products:     Vendor App...
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    last modified by jhynds
  • View live Orion log activity Kiwi Log Viewer

    This article will help you to view and track any Error within Orion logs using Kiwi Log Viewer provided within the Solarwinds Orion installation Core.   Default location installation (Install directory )  ...
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    last modified by Malik Haider
  • What We're Working on for NPM (Updated June 19th, 2019)

    NPM 12.5 has shipped and we're hard at work building the next release! Here's what we're excited to be working on:   NPM UI Performance Optimizations - In coordination with the Orion Platform Team, we're finall...
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    last modified by jason.carrier
  • THWACK Store Items & FAQ [Updated May 1, 2019]

    Welcome to the pride and joy of the THWACK team - our community-based store! Here, you can spend your hard-earned THWACK points on some amazing items. We're very excited to be able to give back to all who've helped us...
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    last modified by KMSigma
  • How to create a simple custom view of multiple interfaces' bandwidth utilization

    I've used custom views to show clients and my Team many different things that NPM monitors, and those folks really appreciate the service.  You can be a rock star in their eyes when you give them something that h...
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    last modified by rschroeder
  • Node Uptime Report (swql)

    Someone asked for a node up report and I came up with this one.  The person asked for the ability to search for vendor as well as node name and IP address.  And duration in a easy to read format.   SEL...
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    last modified by cscoengineer

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