[Report] Devices Not Responding To SNMP, WMI Or Agent Queries

It is quite common to have devices populated in your SolarWinds installation that were monitored using SNMP or WMI, but due to some ACLs or firewall changes or maybe because of credentials changes, SolarWinds can’t poll any statistics from them anymore.

What is the main problem with this? The issue here is that if SolarWinds can still ping the device but can’t get any statistics using those protocols, the SolarWinds web console will not display any issue with those devices - they will still be green. However, you are missing a lot of information! Things like CPU, memory, disk space available, interface traffic, etc. will not be monitored.

This is why it is so important to monitor whether a device is replying to SNMP, WMI or agent queries.

How can we do that?

At Prosperon Networks, we have created this report that displays all the devices that have been missed on the last three polls; including name, IP address, vendor and the last time they replied to an SNMP, WMI or agent query.

Kind Regards,

Raul Gonzalez

Prosperon - UK SolarWinds Partners

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