SolarWinds Orion Platform Status Overview

SolarWinds Orion Admin Dashboard


To show Monitoring Engineers/Admins a high-level overview of what is happening within their monitoring environment.

Custom Properties Required

  • None

Orion Platform Version:

  • 2020.2.6 or higher


  • Overall Environment Summary
  • Highest NPM/SAM Usage Percentage
  • Poller Information Status and Performance details
  • Quick Credential Lookup
  • Polling details
  • Alert History and Details
  • Nodes/Volumes/Interfaces with Polling issues details
  • Polling Intervals
  • Quick Custom Threshold Lookup


How to add the dashboard

  • Download the JSON file and then you can refer to this article from  on how to import the JSON.

Special Notes

  • Some of the widgets link out to other Modern Dashboards such as the Alert Dashboard which can be found on this content exchange as well.

Version History

Version Date Changes/Updates
1.0 2021-10-28 Initial Release
2.0 2021-11-09
  • New layout
  • New Alert Widget allows you to acknowledge the alert directly from the widget
  • Improved "Noisy Alert" widgets
2.5 2021-12-22
  • Updated URL links to make use within any environment better
  • Add Number of Alerts by Severity KPI Widget
  • Improved date display on "Alerts per Day" widget to only show Month and Year rather than a long timestamp.
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