Access Layer VLANs (with good/bad VLAN defined)

This provides a list of all interfaces with an assigned Access-level VLAN (trunks ignored).  Includes icons for vendor, interface type, and a faux-status on a matching VLAN ID (as defined in the query).

Mostly this was created so that I could validate that you can stitch together VLAN --> Interface --> Node correctly, but I figured I would share it.

Summary Page (query as is)

Node Details Page (requires minor edits, see below)

Possible Use Cases

Could be used to identify ports on specific switches that are assigned an incorrect VLAN (users should only have VLAN 21 and not VLAN 40 as a simple example).

Search Query

The search query is embedded in the SWQL, but commented out.  If you want to use it in the custom query widget to enable searching, then just remove the double-dashes from the lines between the BEGIN SEARCH QUERY and END SEARCH QUERY.

Node Details Page Usage

Instructions on lines 28-29 about how to alter the query to perform the same, but only query that specific node when placed on a Node Details page.  You can optionally comment out (or remove) the Node name, link, and icon for better display considering it's already targeted to that node based on the page.  You can also add ${Caption} to the query's title to pull the Node's name into the title (as show in the above screenshot).

Inspired by Custom SWQL query for VLAN Identification of an interface - Orion SDK - The Orion Platform - THWACK - SolarWinds Community