Dynamic User Links

I was reminded of an annoyance I've had for a long while now, in regards to the "User Links" widget. The links you add to the widget are only there, in that specific widget. I often found myself adding multiple links to the same place when adding the widget to various other pages. If you keep your user link resource titles and subtitles to having a standard naming scheme, you can easily make a single widget which will pull up all other links. You can then make a "master page" so to speak, full of user link widgets, and use that view to add new links, which should then show up in your new dynamic widget.


You can enable the search function, and use it to filter down to the link, or group of links you want. Or, you can hardcode the filter directly into the query so the query only ever shows a preselected group of links. 



Thank you to for jogging my memory with his post, Modern Dashboard - User Links.



While I cannot remember where all the various pieces of this query originated, I do know it was from folks in this community, so I'll just credit THWACK. (Which is basically what I'll need to say for anything and everything I post...)



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