Office 365 Service Health using Office 365 Service Communications API

A template to monitor Office 365 Service Health Status using Office 365 Service Communications API and Azure Application for authentication.

Results will display as below



Configure an Azure application to authenticate your tenant to the API

Follow the steps in the below link

Configure SAM to use Microsoft Graph API for Office-365 related templates

in addition to the above, ensure you add these permissions for the Office 365 Management API


In SolarWinds add credentials for your Azure Application

Username:           Client ID

Password:            Client Secret

The Tenant ID will be passed to the script via the arguments field

In the component monitor, make sure you add the Office 365 service you want to monitor and your tenant ID to the arguments field.

The script is the same for each Office 365 service so only this needs to be changed if adding additional services


I display this on my dashboard by adding a custom table widget with the settings below.

So far this is the best way I have found to display the information, although I am fairly new to SolarWinds


Hope this helps people as I couldn't find much info on retrieving service health information

Thanks to jvb as I used and modified the api authentication methods from their Microsoft Office 365 Teams template

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