Dell Server - Storage Hardware Health v1.2

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This SAM template is a modified version of the originals found here ​(v1.0 by HolyGuacamole and michael100) and here ​(v1.1 by This was due to a recent Orion deployment with a lot of Dell Physical servers (100+) and 2 APEs where the NetCmdLets were considered expensive (3 server licences>$1000)

Instead, the PowerShell script is utilising the (free) Proxx.SNMP module found in PowerShell Gallery            | Home


  1. PowerShell 4 or 5 must be installed
    1. If using PS4, you will need to install the PowerShellGet and set the execution policy to RemoteSigned
  2. then just simple install the module with

    Install-Module -Name Proxx.SNMP

The above can be implemented in the Orion Poller(s) only if you are using local execution mode. For remote execution mode, you will have to repeat the requirements on each Dell server where the monitor will be assigned.

Script Arguments:

1. SNMP community string

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