Dell Server - Storage Hardware Health v1.2

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This SAM template is a modified version of the originals found here ​(v1.0 by HolyGuacamole and michael100) and here ​(v1.1 by This was due to a recent Orion deployment with a lot of Dell Physical servers (100+) and 2 APEs where the NetCmdLets were considered expensive (3 server licences>$1000)

Instead, the PowerShell script is utilising the (free) Proxx.SNMP module found in PowerShell Gallery            | Home


  1. PowerShell 4 or 5 must be installed
    1. If using PS4, you will need to install the PowerShellGet and set the execution policy to RemoteSigned
  2. then just simple install the module with

    Install-Module -Name Proxx.SNMP

The above can be implemented in the Orion Poller(s) only if you are using local execution mode. For remote execution mode, you will have to repeat the requirements on each Dell server where the monitor will be assigned.

Script Arguments:

1. SNMP community string

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  • Has anyone running Orion 2018.2/SAM 6.6.1 or newer run into an issue where this monitor constantly flaps between ​"up" and "unknown"? Like, the scripts work, but only about 30% of the time? I have a separate forum post​ describing the issue in more detail.


    Edit 2/25/19:

    We figured out what the problem was! See the forum post I linked for the solution.

  • I think the issue is the APM is not looking for smart status and the server I am testing with has predicted failure...can anyone modify the script to check the smart status and report warning for a predicted failure, OID is below.

  • I got the monitor working, sort of. Here is my example:

    I am monitoring a server using WMI, I added the application monitor and entered my community string, it gets past the test then shows the status as all green/up. The problem is I know this server has disk and array issues this is why I am using it as a test, when I use SNMP to monitor the server SAM shows the alerts perfectly.  Any idea why its not picking up the failed disks / degraded array? This is an older server Windows 2008 R2, PowerEdge 2950 used for testing etc.

  •    Thanks, that will be useful!

    I'll update the templates as soon as I get access to a Dell server!