Check All Services Which Set To Automatic Mode Are Running

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This is my first post emoticons_wink.png  OK, straight to the point:

Attached template is based on VBScript and will check status of all services on the Windows based machines. If those services which set to automatic are not running script will increase "Statistic" counter. I have set threshold to CRITICAL = "1", as there is no real reason why AUTOMATIC service should not be running (there are some exceptions of course). The template will also report back names (Service Display Name) of those services which are set to automatic and not running. This is handled by "Massage" variable and will be visible in SAM, so, you can see in SolarWinds SAM all you need straight away.

You can also define exceptions. Well, this can be improved to make it bit more easier to manage. At the moment you will need to modify VBScript itself. Just open it and you will see straight away the line of code which you need to copy-pase. Add additional exception if you need to.

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  • Yes, you can, please read my post again - I have mentioned there how to do it
  •  Is it possible to exclude a service? 

    Such as "Software Protection" service (C:\Windows\system32\sppsvc.exe)

  • Hi alexslv

    Yes, that's what I've already mentioned - a local account with the same name and same password works, but it raises a security question.

    Domain does not have to be specified, that's why this can be achieved.

    When monitoring plenty of customers, you cannot really afford interdomain trust.

    Anyway, thanks for discussing this, sometimes helps to think loudly to find solutions emoticons_wink.png

    If there was any powershell script with the same functionality, please give me a heads up.



  • Try this - create a local account on the machine in another domain with

    exact same user name and password. On the template level see if it is

    possible not to specify domain name. This may actually work, but I am not

    100% sure on this

    Another option is to ask your domain admins to establish interdomain trust

    for authentication

    I guess you are trying to tap into your DMZ zone. I remember I had similar

    challenge, but it was long ago, not sure how did I overcome this.

    By the way, this challenge has nothing to do with script. I would advise

    you to log a ticket with SolarWinds and seek help from them - they might

    have some workarounds in their arsenal

    Share here if you find anything

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  • alexslv​ - that does not make any sense to me. If this was true, it could be achieved also on the application monitor level by changing an account per app monitor. My understanding is when working with Windows Script Monitor = VBSCRIPT, an account with both Orion admin permissions and Target admin server permissions must be used. If Orion server is in a different domain then a target machine, it cannot be achieved by using a domain account.

    Possibly only a local account with same user&password on Orion and on target server.

    Details from the Use Windows Script monitors:

    Credential for Monitoring

    Select a Windows credential that is both a user who can log on to the Orion server, and has sufficient rights on the target node (which may be the Orion server itself, depending upon your application) to do whatever the script needs to do. For example, if the script does something with WMI, the credentials also need WMI rights on the target node.

    Please correct me if I am wrong cause I've been struggling with this for a while.